Murder, Conspiracies… and what might be black magic.

In the summer of 2035, Atlanta is a panicked city on the verge of exploding. A killer is stalking her people, leaving behind eerily beautiful crime scenes painted with occult symbols. Is he an insane artist, carving his work out of flesh and blood? A satanic sorcerer, hoping to bring about the end of days? Or a political operative, trying to terrify the electorate into voting for his party?

A handful of people have the pieces to the puzzle, but they are scattered through the city’s subcultures: A black cop, trying to use high-tech forensics to solve crimes that seem to be right out of the middle ages. A Wiccan journalist who employs scrying spells and search engines with equal skill. A televangelist with an eye on the White House, and the Christian rock star who wants to take him down. A trans-gendered Cherokee shaman trying to right a wrong from the 1800’s. A street-smart gay detective hunting for his missing partner.

And Benji, the fourteen year old boy at the center of it all. Who thinks that his biggest problem is what what will happen when his strict Baptist parents find out that his new girlfriend is a witch.

Together, they might be able to stop what’s coming. If they can stay alive long enough to find each other.

Winner of Two Spectrum Awards and picked as one of the “Ten Best Mysteries of the Year” byThe Drood Review of Mysteries.

•Wise cracking gay PI witch magic realism near future high tech police procedural occult science fiction mystery coming of age social satire with politics and occasional sex. Read at your own risk.•

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Gay prostitutes, vampire wannabes, and a cloned movie star…

2034 was a rough year for Drew Parker. His car broke down, his rent went up, and his partner was kidnapped by a revenge-crazed performance artist. And to top it off, one of Drew’s clients was tossed from a skyscraper— after being stripped naked, smeared in human fat, and painted with occult symbols.

So far, 2035 isn't shaping up to be much better.

What started off as a simple case involving a deaf girl and her cheating boyfriend is getting complicated. It doesn’t help that the boyfriend is one of five identical actors cloned from the frozen corpse of a dead movie star. Or that he’s up to his neck in a convoluted blackmail plot. Or that the guy is being stalked by some sort of secret agent, a dame in a clown mask with the combat skills of a Navy Seal.

And besides, Drew has his own problem to deal with. A personal matter involving a male prostitute, a privatized version of the KGB, and a vampire sex cult.

Well at least his Wiccan partner, Jen, is back to help him out. If he can just get her to cut back on the practical jokes.

... and the dating advice.

The exciting sequel to The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse

•Wise cracking gay PI witch detective buddy comedy magic realism near future high tech fantasy mystery with cloned movie stars, vampire sex clubs, male prostitutes and a dash of humor. You were warned.•

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Trapped in a small town…


Calvin has grown up in a town with no phones.  No televisions.  No windows.  A town that no stranger ever visits.  And a town where no one under the age of twenty has ever seen the open sky.


There’s not much work available, but the citizens have found ways to pass the time.  Some bury themselves in books.  Some have become religious fanatics.  And some play ever more complicated games of sex and manipulation.


And one of them has murdered Calvin’s father.


Calvin needs to find out why.  And he’d better do it fast.  Because right now, he’s the only suspect.


They’re coming for him.  And there’s nowhere to run.

•Post apocalyptic young adult dystopian science fiction amateur sleuth noir mystery with occasional sex loosely based on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave•

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